Building Infrastructure

Residential housing; Rural housing VIP toilets 

Sewer Lines Infrastructure

Sewer lines infrastructure to a septic tank and; to a designated treatment facility. 

Road Transport Infrastructure 

Road construction and rehabilitation; Bulk earthworks; concrete works 

Routine Road Maintenance 

Pothole repairs; vegetation control 

Water Reticulation Infrastructure 

Road construction and rehabilitation; Bulk earthworks; concrete works 

Wet & 
Other Services 

High Pressure Jetting

Unblocking of sewer lines and storm water pipes.

Provision of Portable Drinking Water

Providing clean drinking water to drought hit areas. 

Effluent Removal and Disposal 

Emptying of septic tanks and VIP toilets and transporting to the designated treatment facilities.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Crawler and push cameras for bulk trunk line inspection and leak detection.

Refuse Collection and Disposal

Refuse collection and transportation; road sweeping through equipment and human effort.

  • about us

Our vision is to provide superior service in the South African construction and clean-up industry.

Trentech is positioned to become one of the black owned construction business in the South African market with a superior service. We are a South African based, 100% black owned company established in 2013. We are BBBEE Level 1 Contributor.
We currently have our presence in the EC, Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal. 


Trentech is committed to protect its employees against the health and safety hazards and general welfare of employees in the workplace, hence we have incorporated occupational health and safety policies into our objectives.  The primary target is to achieve zero fatalities, zero lost time injuries, zero restricted work and medical treatment, injury cases, and zero total reportable injury frequency 


The management is committed to the development and improvement of an effective Quality Management System 
Trentech has established, documented and implements an effective Quality Management System (QMS) as a means of ensuring that its calibration services conform to specified requirements, to foster an environment of continual improvement.  Trentech ensures that customer needs and expectations are determined, converted into requirements, and fulfilled with the aim of meeting or exceeding those expectations. 


Trentech acknowledges the responsibility to demonstrate and influence best environmental practices. Our core-business, Construction and Clean-up services, inevitable impacts on the environment in a number of ways and we strive to minimise the potentially harmful effects of such activities. Our business objectives and roles shall therefore be closely linked to the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable environment. 

We are registered with the following institutions:

Trentech (Pty) Ltd is registered and is in good standing with the following institutions: